2019: Take the limits off of God

Shortly before the end of the year I had an intentional moment alone with God during my lunchtime at work. Intentional for me was leaving the phone at my desk and sit in a quieter space than the lunch room.

I just sat comfortably and ate my lunch, praying/talking to God in my head, trying to calm my thoughts and listen for something, anything from my Father. Shortly after being still, the Lord rested this assuring message in my heart: not to put a limit on Him; to not to put Him in a box. The Lord said that I can’t limit myself and allow time to be a limit. God is able to restore the years, and He is able to blow my mind.

“I can’t allow myself and time to be a limit.”

Talk about whoah! When I was taking all of this in, tears were flowing down my face. If we get quiet enough in our everyday routines, in spontaneous moments of the day, the Lord will relay a message to us.

For me personally, I got into a place of limiting God, trying to predict His behaviors or what He’s up to in my life. Knowing what’s going to come next gives us a sense of comfort and security, but that’s not walking in faith. Jesus said Himself that those who believe even though they do not see, are blessed (John 20:29). With the new year already here, I have to allow God to take over and lead me in several areas of my life. He is up to something, and though I can’t see specifically, His word gives me assurance that I’m getting more than my limits.

Did you know that comfort zones are limiting? And limits can become comfort zones. That comfort can choke out the word God has for you to not only hear, but to follow. We have to trust Him at His word.

What has God shared with you for this new year? Share below!

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