Ask and it shall be given

askIn the last couple of blogs I talked about believing and not doubting and giving thanks even in failure. So it is only fitting that if you apply these two principals, you would feel assured in asking for the relationship you desire and receiving it. This is the juncture where you are ready to ask, knowing what it is you want and having full faith that it will come. Did not this line of thinking work for everything else in your life?

When you wanted that car you just had to possess because it was so “you”. You asked for it in faith, and it was given to you. When you were tired of the work you were doing and wanted a better job\career than the one you had. You asked for additional training (and some of you went back to school) to get the skills you needed to get a better job\career. When you were looking for a place to live and finally found a house you loved. There may have been some obstacles to getting the house, but you did what was needed and you got the house you asked for. By now you may be wondering where I am going with this; and to be honest, it only leads me to a question? If you can ask and then receive the car\job\house you wanted, why is it so hard for some to receive the mate you want?

Well if I had the answers to that question then I guess I would be a Millionaire!!! Well I believe I have one answer so hopefully the Millions are on the way!!!! First of all, it is safe to say that everybody reading this has asked for, and even prayed for, a suitable mate. The Good Book states “ask and it shall be given,” yet we still have not seen or met our mate. Or have we? Could it be that we have somehow missed out on our blessing? But if we asked for a significant other and we were waiting to receive them, then how could we have missed them? Well this is my answer to that question and I am sticking to it.

When we were kids and encountering our first loves, we were wide open to love and full of hope and optimism. Well after a couple of heartbreaks from failed relationships, we began to become jaded and guarded in regards to love. After even more unsavory experiences, we started to lose faith in the fairytale of love. Our child-like belief in love was gone and we started erecting the proverbial “Wall” to shelter us from the hurt and pain of love lost. After we felt we had exhausted all of the ways of finding and keeping love everlasting, we turn to the one source we know can deliver the love that seems so fleeting. Whether through heart-felt emotional prayers or vocal celestial summations, we call out to our source to send that special someone. Now of course our prayers were heard, but here is where the problem begins.

We ask God to send us someone, but before He can get started working, we go back and take it out of God’s hand. We want things to happen in our time, so we become impatient and begin working on it again ourselves. We are sometimes so impatient, we assume the first person we see after we pray is who God sent for us. We must understand God’s time is not our time, and every time we interrupt God’s work we often slow down or stop what God was planning. We all have the ideal plan of who and what our mate will be, but I truly believe that God’s plan is better!!! Believe that and don’t doubt it!!!!!

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