Finding the faith to forgive yourself and others

We all have been on the receiving line of having hurtful words, actions and deeds hurled at us by those who showed us how much they dislike us. Then there were others who offended us unintentionally, yet and still the sting from their offense caused us to change the way we’ve viewed them.

“By forgiving those who hurt you, you are stripping the power they hold over you, your emotions and your life.” Luke 6:27-36

We may believe that extending forgiveness to those who have wronged us displays a sign of weakness on our part. It gives the connotation that we have removed our guards and are giving the offender(s) full reign to hurt us yet again. Neither belief regarding forgiveness is accurate because our concerns reside in how we are viewed in the eyes of our offender(s) and those closest to our situation; and that is called pride.

Dealing with hurt is difficult, however when you understand the importance of forgiveness, you will lean on God and forgive–even if your offender(s) never apologize to you. (See: Proverbs 25:21-22; Matthew 6:14-15)

Not everyone has an issue with forgiving others…some have an issue with forgiving themselves. We all have experienced situations in our lifetime that were a direct result of our poor choices. Perhaps for others there was a time in your life when the consequences of sin left you regretful. Whatever has you disgusted with yourself, it’s causing you to continually replay your past, present and accompany it with negative words about yourself. This type of behavior is not okay! You have not forgiven yourself.

When you sin and ask God to forgive you, you experience freedom in His forgiveness. Refusing to forgive yourself does the opposite, it keeps you in bondage. Living in this manner will not reverse the outcome of what has already happened in your life. Instead, it breathes life into what you created: Dead Weight.

You are not your circumstances…You are not your past…Stop talking about it…Stop condemning yourself…Stop breathing life into it…Let it go!

In the Bible there was a woman living with an issue of blood that plagued her body for twelve years. She went to doctor after doctor in hopes to be cured; instead of being cured, she became broke and her infirmity became worse. One particular day, she heard that Jesus was in town and would be passing through. A very large crowd had formed, but that didn’t stop her from gathering with them and maneuvering her body through the crown in order to get close to Him.

With faith in her spirit, she inwardly spoke the promise over her life (“If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.” ) She reached out and touched Jesus’ garment just as He walked by her and instantaneously she was healed and made whole.

There will come a time in your life when you will become sick and tired of living a sick and tired life. Once you reach that point, you will make the necessary changes to drop your life of stagnation and live your purposeful life in Christ.

In order for such a change to occur, you must ask God to show you how to forgive yourself. Let Him know that you want freedom from every past and present dead weight in your life. Search for Bible verses that speak on the forgiveness of God. Read them aloud with the intent of forgiving yourself, as you implement it into your life on a daily basis.

Every form of negativity that resides in your life must be released (i.e. people, thoughts, words, actions, deeds etc.) if you truly desire to move forward in newness of life.

Lastly, continuously speak these words of affirmation over your life as often as needed: I AM WHOLE BECAUSE I AM FORGETTING THOSE THINGS WHICH ARE BEHIND AND REACHING FORWARD TO THOSE THINGS WHICH ARE AHEAD! (See: Philippians 3:13-14)

It is impossible to be whole and broken at the same time. Therefore, you must choose to forgive yourself and others. This is how you receive your wholeness; your freedom and healing In Jesus’ name.

How has forgiveness helped you along your journey to wholeness? Share below!


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